C7 PRT 4.5" Quad Oval

  • Item #: FCOR-0620

Billy Boat Performance Exhaust, the manufacturer of complete automotive exhaust assemblies, is the worlds' source for C7 Corvette Performance Packages.

Development on our C7 performance package will include short and long tube headers, x pipes, rear exhaust systems, intake systems, and electronic packages so your C7 will be tuned for perfection. Look for more information on these packages as we develop them.

The Billy Boat Performance Exhaust PRT C7 exhaust system is the latest in resonance control technology from B&B. Completey redesigned and reengineered for the C7, the system is simple indesign, though more complex in theory. This Billy Boat Performance Exhaust PRT system works purely on physics and adrenaline.

The Billy Boat C7 PRT exhaust incorporates our own version of the factory-designed butterfly valve to control backpressure and sound when your C7 goes into economy mode, maintaining all the technology from the factory. Unlike the factory base model C7, which only has a 2.0' outlet for the exhaust, the Billy Boat PRT allows a mellow sound at cruising speeds and a sport note when you're tearing up the streets. It allows true straight through exhaust passage under agressive driving conditions, though a mellow sound is emitted at cruising speeds thanks to the unique Purge Chamber.

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